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  KRON    Rob Black and Your Money    News/Business. Viewers seek  
   advice about financial issues.  

    October 28, 2013
    11:00 - 11:31am PDT  

>> wellcome gained, rob black and your money. we will talk about your financial benefits and your benefits that you can get from your 401k. what was also due winners and losers. the >> we have several stories that have been in the news. home sales are heading a slump. >> i would say this thing,
but momentum is due for a pause but hopefully it will rebound. it shows you just how fragile the home areas are. a pause a tub will refresh but do not panic. >> auto sales have been in the nose we have seen gm and toyota. >> gm did have the title but my thoughts is that i am not getting into this. i think gm stock is a nice name. take a look at what this is all about, asia is getting help the and the united states is getting weaker. >> we are we getting just a bit. >> their numbers are good
because they're becoming a better franchise model. what is interesting is that everyone is scrambling to be fresher. that is not a bit of a problem. people want fresh food. they are willing to pay premium products even mcdonald's and there burger king can try to do what they can but some of their food is still frozen. >> mcdonnell has to be in come. >> let's talk about china and how they are catching up with us. china is set to pass as in world wide travel. >> we are not the economic
that we were. just to be worried, i am not saying that you should teach your children chinese but that they get will be a economy to deal with. >> we're talking about a tesla and how they may bring and a location and china. >> there passible stock- tested store is the they do not have the charges and capabilities. that may be very problematic. they want to get in last 10, south america but until their infrastructure is in place they're going nowhere fast. >> we were talking about starbucks and their tight end with twitter. >> congratulations to
starbucks. i think they have came up with the promotions. it is called twitt your coffee. you can pay $5 to link this and they will give you a $5 credit, if you twitt me bin you get a free coffee. i like the concept of this. they want to get into mobile more. they're showing that plants like this will work. this is a key to their long-term success. >> let's talk about eight m.amc. >> they bought a company and that would give them exposure in latin american. they have a lot of good shows. they could do the shows and spanish. they're
trying to increase their exposure so that to get more revenue. netflix has more subscribers than hbo. this is a good way for them to stay in business. everyone is trying to go more global. >> i myself will like to learn spanish bread >>. >> a survey came out about hotels. >> s and they are business travelers, the food is not as important. people are getting a massage and fresh food but they're not going the old fashion way. it is a good sign of the economy but a sign that things are changing.
>> let's talk about wal- mart. they aren't due and solar power. >> there are the only company that is doing this. they are going to tell you for you to do it also. they're going solar and they are generating more than any other. this is pretty impressive for a big company. >> coming up we will talk about financial planning and a web sites that you could use for your benefit. we will talk about a benefit that you may not be using at your job.
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to thsuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at >> on welcome back. joining me now is--mr. burton.
>> a roth is when you want to pay the taxes are now at today's brackets endured into a account or it can be tax free bread it will be tax free for the rest of your life. >> let's talk about what people should consider a roth conversion. >> the biggest one, there is a sweet spot a lot of people ree on 65 years old and a first couple of years you could have a very low tax bracket. a lot of people make mistakes about selling their stocks. what happens is said they lose control of their tax. you are forced to pull someone out at 70 and half whether you want to or not.
a lot of times that with the calculations to slowly converge this where they have you pay the taxes. by the end of five years you have this big tax-free account to draw on. also it will reduce after seven the and have. >> how about the third donned the marginal oil and come tax. >> the roth version only works if you have the money on the side. you do not want use the money inside to pay. you need to have money on the outside. that is the to the strategy. what i am talking about says ad this sage or if you have gone on and your income is lower. a lot of people, larger role bracket-has a lot of people
have 10, $30,000 between now and the next tax bracket that they will be at. a lot of times that would drive a mack said out. we will try to convert this to maximize the. we end up with an account that is tax-free forever. and >> one of the great test that you can leave your kids or your grandkids is a tax- free 1. if you have day ira a pension or maybe rental income that you can convert that there is no in come limits. you just pay the tax us and then as you have left your children, if you have an and the beneficiaries then they can always
inherits the ira. this is a great way to pass on tax- free was if you do with the right way. >> first, the better investment choices. when the market is going up, people think there 401k is also doing well above lot times there are hidden fees. that you may not see, especially when they're smaller companies. you could always roll over to a irna. you may find a cheaper cost. you can use and access for fet else. you can replicate the chores as inside of your are a and have more control. you can consolidate everything into one account. >> you do not have to do the
conversion of that once. you can slowly converts the spread this is kind of what we were talking about before that if you roll over your 401k and you choose to look at the strategy of going slow roth convert cents. then your cpa may tell you that you can convert $10,000 and still be at the same tax bracket. that is one of the reasons why you get this rolled over and you get some type of control. we never advise people to tax and to their 401k unless is an emergency. is this another benefit? >> yes. there are certain things second happened the only time that i would say you should pull from here is if you are trying to keep food on the table or a roof
over your head or in some cases medical benefits. you can avoid the 10% but still have to pay the tax. sometime for higher education purposes you can do it. >> briefly, easier access, what does that mean? >> you surely start your incomer planning. i have seen people retire where they go into a merger situation and a freeze their 401k. people have had trouble accessing their sons. do not want to do that. you want to have as much flexibility as possible. when you retire sometime it is often very difficult to deal with you
have to take a contribution from each one. and >> on what elswhat if the markes in value. >> you have until october 15th spread if you convert all of sudden there is- there's a battle was down here you can choose to read characterize it bread they euchring do it another time. i like to have people do this earlier in the year so that have times and they will know that they have until october 15th the following year. if you do this you need to have a good financial planner and a good
tax adviser on your side so you do not make any mistakes. >> you can go to new focus .com chand burton.
>> i want to talk a little bit about corporate benefits. a lot of people moan and groan about their employers and do not know that their employer may offer perks. so, i was looking at a company. at this one company in the bay area they offer medical and dental. if you ever go to a
therapist, that could be 100 to $200 a visit to. medical, is 250 to $4 a month. you can get free flu shots, exercise class as and sometimes they have a flexible spending accounts. they have paid time off you can get up to 31 and will paid days off for you do not even have to come to work and still get paid. life- insurance is a very critical attack have. >> they are low levels of insurance but it is insurance nonetheless. some companies have perks what they can help you adopt a child. some of them offer low-cost home insurance, car insurance. >> i asked one company how
many of their employees take advantage of the 401k and some of them stated that almost none of them do. right there, you are working at a company and they are offering you a lease up to 12% free. in addition to that is that everything compares to perks correct these are very critical states. i think this is all great and wonderful but you have to explore your perks. this is something that you shall look at. go to your a charge department and ask them to show you the benefit statements. sometime when you start working put stuff like this to the sides. if they offer a 3 percent match the index's 3% in come. you can blow this on whatever you want. you get the
alternate idea. this is very, very important. i talk about wealth and let's talk about retirement. it >> this is something that we often do not look at that the employers are required and this is a chance for you to know the person in a jar and find out more about the company. >> let's jump to the e-mail. i have heard that google is going to do stocks. >> i say this with amateur with all respect. i'm not try to get you met but there is a difference. what you want is a company that has good earnings and good products and good management. people will put the their shares into that company and that will push it higher. this system this
exact position stocks in the 1990's got a lot of people excited. at this is just financial engineering review are waiting and i feel like them because they have good revenue they have good things that you may like. >> you can drop me an e-mail at rob blac. let's take a breakl talk about a book about to getting rich and also a web site at you should use correc.
>> wellcome back perry e youwel >> the first e-mail comes from joey, what do you think about this book? >> it and wants you to use your pension and monday from your home to fund something that is guaranteed. , it is not guaranteed. anyone who wants to push an annuity on you be careful. most of them are not impressive. there is a guy on cbs, his thing is that when you hit retirement you put all of your money into this annuity. you do not want no type of annuities rare and vest and term life insurance. and then, you can
invest and low-cost mutual funds. that is what i do, that is what ever professional that i know do. an insurance sales person who writes a book-that's just because you write a book does not mean anything. stay away from get rich quick schemes. >> i cannot really afford to buy a home you have any ideas? >> unless you are looking to make 100,000 you will probably eventually have children or maybe you already do. $500,000 does not even buy a house the suitable for most children. you will go to other schools and is okay to rent, get a management
company and let them take care of the vacation. you can own real estate without owning a home. >> what do you think about learn this is for the average person who doesn't have a lot of information about money. they will tell you your net worth. it is very similar tune i would highly endorse them. >> you can always drop me an e-mail. it will be back soon on rob black and your money.